What are the health benefits?

Unfortunately, many people are iron deficient or anaemic. It is the leading cause of fatigue, especially in women. Women lose iron when they menstruate, which is why fatigue is such a major problem during PMS. This is dangerous and unhealthy, and lack of iron can result in many bodily problems. The elderly are at little risk. Lack of iron seems to be common amongst those who are in their teenage and young adult years.


Iron supplementation is a good way to make sure you are getting enough iron, but you should always know for sure if you need the extra iron. Too much iron can easily result in health problems such as kidney failure or in severe cases, death.


Anaemia is a major nutritional deficiency disorder in India. Studies indicate that the prevalence of anaemia in India according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) criteria ranges from 38% to 72% depending upon age and sex. The most vulnerable groups are pregnant women and pre-school children among whom prevalence of anaemia may exceed 70% and iron deficiency is one of the main causes. According to the National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR), Hyderabad, India, the estimated intake of iron in Indians is less than 50% of the recommended dietary allowance as iron bioavailability from a typical Indian diet is low.


Use SunActive® Fe as a source of Iron to supplement your daily diet. Iron deficiency is known to cause unusual fatigue, abnormally pale skin, constant irritability, brittle nails and breathlessness. SunActive® Fe as a source of Iron may help you to overcome iron deficiency and related health issues. SunActive® Fe due to its unique Nutritional Delivery System:


  • Has higher bioavailability and sustained release – our body receives more usable iron per dose and a steady level of iron is maintained in the blood.
  • Is relatively gentle on the stomach and significantly reduces irritation.
  • Can be safely consumed by the young and old.


SunActive® Fe is not meant for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. Do not exceed the Recommended Daily Usage level.