When and how should I take SunActive® Fe?

Stir SunActive® Fe in to a beverage or soft food till completely mixed. Do not use SunActive® Fe in carbonated beverages.


SunActive® Fe is very easy to take by mixing it in or sprinkling it on any hot or cold beverages (except carbonated beverages) such as water, tea, coffee, juice, soups, milk, lassi/chas or foods such as dahi/yogurt, baked foods, cereals, curries, gravies, batters, dals, rotis and rice.


If using in baked goods or rotis, mix SunActive® Fe with the dry atta/dough flour. SunActive® Fe is taste-free and does not alter the taste and texture of the food or beverage. Addition of SunActive® Fe to certain foods may cause a colour change due to presence of certain compounds in the food such as polyphenols.


It is recommended that you take SunActive® Fe during or after a meal.


SunActive® Fe is not meant for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. Do not exceed the Recommended Daily Usage level.